Have a Heart

Being successful comes with a responsibility to improve the lives of others. But with the never-ending demands and responsibilities of running a business, we sometimes get so caught up in our goals we forget that one of our most important corporate goals is to give back.


Here are 7 things you can do as a landscape company to have a meaningful impact on the communities and industry you serve. You’ll not only raise company morale and create a sense of shared purpose—you’ll raise your organization’s profile and inspire others to follow your example.


Donate. Re-purpose what you don’t use. Do you have underutilized supplies, products or equipment?


Teach/Mentor. The best way to make a lasting impact is by training others and sharing your skills and best practices. Make yourself or team members available to community colleges, chambers of commerce and business groups.


Be an ambassador for our industry. Get involved with the green industry. Support PLANET’s Trailblazer Program, ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) after-school mentor programs for landscape construction, or PLANET’s AEF (Academic Excellence Foundation) scholarship initiative. Encourage and support your employees’ participation in professional boards and associations.


Speak/Write. Use your platform as a subject matter expert and business leader to draw attention to the benefits of green space, environmental responsibility or healthy landscapes. Offer to speak at association meetings for the business segments you serve, or write articles for their newsletters and blogs. If you have specialized technical expertise or credentials in LEAN, LEED or are ISO-certified, explain how advances in technology, energy efficiency, management or safety will benefit your community’s quality of life.


Aggregate your efforts. Fundraise as a team; create a sense of community within your own company and make the effort employee-driven. Support your employee’s causes with matching gifts and team participation (walk/runs, bike rides, charity golf tournaments); create a community volunteer day; donate landscaping services to shelters, seniors, food banks, and youth programs (Ronald McDonald House, athletic teams, inner-city schools, the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, urban gardens, or playgrounds and parks for special needs children).


Partner. Create win-win sustainable giving programs that integrate social outreach with environmental quality and economic vitality. Partner with your customers on community rehabilitation efforts, storm damage cleanup and re-building, or urban redevelopment and civic beautification projects.


Support the military. Get involved in Project Evergreen and it’s Green Care for Troops/Snow Care for Troops programs that provide landscape maintenance and winter services for active-duty military families. Even if your company has a pet project, supporting Project Evergreen will contribute to raising awareness and exposure across the country regarding the great benefits of landscape services.


Social responsibility delivers measurable outcomes that will have a lasting impact the health of your company.


February is National Heart Month. What are you doing to make your corporate heart stronger?

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  1. Randy Ferrari
    - February 5, 2013 Reply

    Bruce, Great suggestions. Some of those idea’s certainly sound familiar. The network that can be created by getting involved in the community matches any other initiative that can be undertaken. Let alone what the “feel good” does for your staff!

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