Following Up After An Interview – Why Bother?

Feedback is one of the most important things a business owner can do to ensure that the company continues to have a solid employment brand and reputation in the local market.


When a firm’s hiring manager or its recruiting team does not follow up after an interview, candidates will often take the response (or lack of response) personally.


Often, owners don’t have time to manage the entire process, so they delegate to a designated staff member. This can lead to a positive outcome, as long as the owner gives the office staff the right kind of feedback to share with the candidate.


A call or email goes a long way – whether the message is, “we just don’t know right now, we are putting the job on hold” or “at the last minute an internal referral came through so we are going to pursue that lead” or even “you have some strong skills and qualifications, but not what we are looking for right now, may we hold on to your resume for future opportunities?”


Remember, how you treat your applicants before, during and after an interview is a clear representation to candidates of how your company treats its employees, vendors and clients.


Make sure to follow up with everyone and burn no bridges. You never know when your paths might cross again or who will end up becoming a decision maker at a client or competitor, or return as a very qualified employee (with a little more experience), in the future.


~ Christine Soderlund is an executive recruiter and career HR professional.  She leads strategic staffing consulting for Bruce Wilson & Co. and is a contributing “Hire Power” columnist to Lawn & Landscape magazine. Contact Christine at



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